​New Public Works Facility

Since 2007, the Town of Cheraw had been setting aside money each year to pay for a new public works facility. The aging, run-down public works building had been built in phases over the last 50 years. The structure had a leaky roof, frequent flooding, poor internet and phone service, blown-in insulation — which made it difficult to heat and cool the space — and no central air conditioning.

A new building that would fulfill the town's needs was estimated to cost $1.7 million and have 15,000 square feet. Saving up money on a tight budget was a slow process. Then came a solution. In 2015, the local National Guard Armory offered to donate its vacant property and building to the town.

The facility, which was in the perfect location, became a blank canvas for the town's new public works facility. The public works staff worked closely with an architecture firm on the interior layout, making sure all town requirements and guidelines were fulfilled and tailoring the building for the town's needs.

While Cheraw had the unique good fortune of receiving a building as a gift, the town's decision to repurpose an old structure instead of demolishing it or leaving it abandoned has proven fiscally wise. With the funds originally set aside for a new public works facility, town officials renovated the armory to accommodate the town's public works department and parks and grounds department.

Cheraw officials aren't sitting still. There are future plans to make improvements to the grounds. Uneven terrain, if backfilled and leveled, could provide additional space for growth in the future. Trees, shrubs and other landscaping features will help to enhance the exterior.

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