Municipal officials have priority in reserving hotel rooms. To ensure all have an equal opportunity, the Association conducts a drawing to determine the order of appointments for municipalities to make hotel reservations and register for the meeting. The drawing was conducted on March 12. The municipal representatives were notified of their appointment times.

Appointments are scheduled for May 29, 30 or 31 based on the order established by the drawing. An Association staff member will call the city’s designated municipal representative at the appointed time to provide access to the online meeting registration and hotel reservation system.

The representative will use the online system during this phone appointment to register each municipal official and select hotels based on availability. An Association staff member will remain on the phone with each representative to provide assistance.

Preparing for the appointment  

Step 1:  Officials finalize their planning worksheets.

  • Municipal officials planning to attend the Annual Meeting must complete the worksheets on pages 13-14 indicating their hotel and ticket preferences and personal credit card information for guest tickets. They must return the completed worksheets to the municipal representative before the municipality’s assigned appointment time. Visa or MasterCard are the only credit cards accepted.
  • Incomplete worksheets will prevent the representative from successfully completing the process.

Step 2: For the appointment, the municipal representative arranges for internet access and a phone line.

  • Failure to have internet access or missing the call at the appointed time forfeits the municipality’s appointment. Association staff will work with the representative to make registrations/reservations at the conclusion of all appointments.
  • Municipal representatives must use their login and password for the Association’s website.

Step 3: The representative checks the credit limit of the Visa or MasterCard he will use.

  • Ensure there is adequate credit available to cover the registration fees and hotel deposits.
  • Ensure the credit card activity will be within the card’s per-transaction limit by comparing the total being charged on the worksheets to the total transaction limit on the card(s) being used.
  • If the credit card or transaction is declined, the registrations/reservations will be voided. The municipal representative will forfeit his appointment time and must restart the process at the conclusion of all appointments.

Registering and making housing reservations during the appointment on May 29, 30 or 31

  • An Association staff member will call the municipal representative at the assigned appointment time to guide him through the online system.
  • The municipal representative will enter badge information for each municipal official attending the meeting and will select tickets and accommodations based on availability.
  • The Association will email registration and reservation confirmations immediately to the municipal representative and to each registered municipal official with an email address on file with the Association.

Hotel and registration procedures for nonmunicipal officials and municipal officials without an appointment

Beginning on June 1, go to to register for the Annual Meeting and make hotel reservations. The deadline for hotel reservations at the Association’s discounted rates is June 19. The preregistration deadline is July 5. After July 5, individuals must register on-site.

Important Information

  • Payment for registration, tickets and hotel deposit must be made with a Visa or MasterCard.
  • Registration fees and hotel deposits are nonrefundable. Ticket purchases are refundable before 5 p.m. on July 5.
  • Coworkers or associates within the industry are not allowed to register as a guest of a paid attendee.
  • The deadline for hotel reservations at the Association’s discounted rate is June 19. Reservations cannot be made directly with the hotels by phone or fax, in person or through the hotels’ websites. The Association will cancel reservations in its room block if they are not made using the Association’s online system.
  • Preregistration for the meeting is available only through the Association’s online system. After July 5, individuals must register on-site.
  • For assistance using the online system, call the Association’s Annual Meeting Help Desk at 803.933.1297.